The second novel in the Ramzi series, due 2020.


Escaping drama at Riad Waqi and the heat and dust of a Marrakech summer, Ramzi travels to the coastal town of Essaouira, a secretive and windblown place, adorned with mysterious signs and symbols. He stays at a riad where the other guests are former Jewish families of the town, who have arrived from overseas to prepare for an annual hilula pilgrimage to venerate the tzadik Rabbi Haim Pinto.

When one of the party dies after a ceremonial feast, leaving a message with the mysterious number 137, Ramzi delves into the death.  It is food poisoning or murder?  As he struggles for answers he collides with Dr Rashida—who has come to windsurf.  Joining forces, they uncover Essaouira's Jewish past, with shocking results. 


44000 / 55000 words. 80% done!